Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 154) Distraction

“Other than the moment you pulled the tarp off the window, I’ve never been here to see this.” Zsofia smiles as she points at the window. “Don’t you love catching it at just the right time?” She turns to face him. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” she smiles and Stephen finds himself more mesmerized by her than the glass focal point of the room.

Nodding yes in response, Stephen watches her reaction to the streams of color spilling in from the second floor. Her light colored hair glistens as she steps through the beams highlighting individual strands like golden threads woven throughout. He is at ease around her, which is not a reaction he finds familiar. In fact, it is very far from normal. Somehow, she relaxes him and he is glad she has come to visit.

“Ah see, you are smiling.” She says with a wide grin as she walks toward him.

He did not realize he was smiling, and quickly clears his throat as a distraction before she comes any closer. Stepping to the side he walks over to the staircase on the right, which is the very set of stairs he ran down as he fled the house in a panic earlier this morning.


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