Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 155) The Rules

“I’m closing the door.” Zsofia says quickly as she pushes it shut and latches the bolt. “Grandfather has always been adamant about the rules of the doors here at the manor.”

“And what rule is that again?” Stephen questions with a laugh.

“No entry or exit doors are to be left open and unattended, ever.” She replies in a serious tone.

“Oh yes, I remember you saying something about that the other day. It seems like a bizarre rule and besides that, it’s been open the whole time I was sitting out front.” Stephen says quickly with a playful sarcastic tone.

“Ah, but you were sitting out front watching it.” She replies as she continues to look up at the next floor.

“What is the reasoning behind such a ridiculous rule?” Stephen laughs at this silly process.

“I’m not sure,” she grins at her own sarcasm, “I guess I never really questioned it.” She turns around to watch him. “Maybe it’s to keep stray animals or something out.”

“Or keep something in.” Stephen mumbles and it seems that Zsofia did not hear his comment.

“I just know grandfather says it’s a rule and I plan to follow it.” She replies smartly as she looks at Stephen’s somewhat playful expression.

“I thought you were your own woman and made up your own mind.” He teases as he steps up three steps of the staircase while looking up at the second floor landing.


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