Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 156) Deep Breath

Zsofia grins for she knows Stephen is now playing with her, which she finds to be a refreshing change from his mostly serious demeanor. As she follows him, stopping short of the first step, she closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.

“I feel okay in here, don’t you?” Zsofia asks as she reaches up and touches his arm before he starts up the next step.

“I guess.” He replies as he clears his throat one more time while slowly walking up to the second floor.

He wants so badly to tell her how much he enjoys her company and that touch just then, made his heart skip a beat. Zsofia stays down at the foot of the steps and watches Stephen intently as he looks in the direction of the room where he heard the breathing sounds. He glances at her then begins walking lightly and in an unhurried manner down the hall.

The large strategically placed windows that run along the masonry wall of the second floor corridor fill the space with much appreciated light. However, even this is not calming to his nerves nor does it suppress the dread of what he fears may happen next. He can no longer see Zsofia from where he is and he yells out.

“Zsofia? Are you still there?” He questions nervously.

“I am.” She replies loudly and after several seconds and no other response from Stephen, she continues with, “do you want me to come up?”

“No!” He replies abruptly. “No, just. . . please stay where you are.”


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