Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 158) Relief

With the palm of his hand pressed against the door, Stephen slowly pushes it open and immediately hits the light switch on the wall. Two lamps come on which brighten the room to such a degree, that no areas are dark or shadowed enough for anyone or anything to hide in. Stepping around the door, he finds the room is empty of anything human or inhuman, other than him, and he takes in a deep breath of relief.

Whatever or whomever was here is now gone, but with the numerous rooms, hidden panels, and area’s not yet discovered in this enormous structure, it or they could still be here watching and waiting.

“Are you okay?” Zsofia asks as she peeks around the corner from where she is now standing, which is at the top of the staircase.

“What?” Stephen asks in a nervous manner as he steps from the bedroom into the hallway. “You were supposed to stay downstairs.” He shuts the light off and pulls the door shut quietly as if not to wake a sleeping baby.

“Sorry, I was worried.” She replies as she sits down on the top step and leans back on her elbows to look down the hallway in the opposite direction. Her long tresses flow back with the bottom ends barely touching the floor “Have you been all the way through?”

“Through what?” He questions in a curt manner as he walks toward her.

“Through what,” she repeats as a mumble with a grin as she shakes her head slightly and turns to watch him. “Through the entire house.” She laughs as if an explanation was not truly necessary.

“No, only the first and second floors.” He replies as if distracted as he walks past her then stops to lean on the banister railing.


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