Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 157) Validating

Stephen finds himself worried that he may be subjecting Zsofia to danger for just being here in the manor, but after all, she ventured here on her own. One thing he knows for sure is that he cannot leave the manor yet, not without validating what he believes he experienced and keeping her at a distance is all he can do as a form of protection.

Stephen’s face feels warm and his hands are sweaty as his body responds to the stress he feels about entering the room. Is that horrible creature here, in this house? Will it kill again as he believes it has in the past? Is it responsible for the death of his great-uncle as well?

He wonders if he is next on the fiends list, or if he himself is actually as delusional as the doctors have stated. Could it be that he is losing all sense of reality because of one tragic loss after another? Are the images merely his twisted minds way of dealing with painful moments he has endured in his life, such as the sudden death of loved ones?


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