Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 159) Serious

Looking down at the entry hall Stephen focuses on the events of the morning and is wondering if he should give up, sell the place and go back to the states, or try to rejuvenate the building into what he believes it once looked like.

“Are you going to try to revive it?” Zsofia asks as she looks up at him.

“What do you mean?” He questions without looking in her direction.

Stephen is too preoccupied with his discomfort to realize how intuitive Zsofia is as she sits on the step, looking around and watching him.

“You are very serious aren’t you?” She states as fact as she stands up not expecting an answer because he has been dodging any depth in their conversation up to this point. “I’ve never been past the first floor, unless you count the walkways in the conservatory. I’ve been up to the fourth level in there.” She smiles but again does not receive much from Stephen except for a nod.


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