Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 162) Footprints

“Zsofia, where are you?” Stephen asks loudly as he pulls the door shut and continues down the west hall.

A thumping sound is coming from behind him, in the north hall so he quickly turns around and runs to the first door. Softly he turns the handle and pushes the door open hoping Zsofia will be on the other side but she is not. He turns the light on and realizes this floor of the manor is set up much like the second where one room opens to other areas. He walks across the wooden floor to the window where he looks out at a small yard and thick woods.

Upon turning around, he glances down and notices there are actually two sets of footprints in the room. One being his own and the other set are of bare feet, which he finds very odd.

“Now why would she take her shoes off?” He laughs.

As Stephen looks a little closer, he notices the footprints are very skeletal in shape, not full and smooth like a woman’s foot. He feels himself grow colder than he was just a moment ago as he looks down at the progression of the path. The tracks come in from the hall, go to the window, around the table and then to the closed door that leads to the next room.


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