Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 167) A Little Off

Stephen is very troubled that he is seeing things that are not there, which in itself could cause Zsofia to be in danger because he is bringing her into a world that he himself does not understand. Everyone he has ever met believes him to be insane and a little off but now, with his current actions, he feels his fresh start may not come to fruition. Instead, he believes it will be short-lived or now completely over due to his own inconsistent and misunderstood actions.

“I liked your great-uncle.” Zsofia states without any lead up to the statement. “He was very nice, a little quiet, like you,” she grins, “my grandfather felt protective of him.” She says as she looks down the hall at the sunlight flooding in.

“I didn’t know the man.” Stephen says without much empathy as they walk down the hall, he opens a door to look in at the room.

“Well, that is expected, you were only around him once when you were very young, right?” She continues walking along the west hall towards the south end as Stephen catches up to follow alongside as they slowly leave the north hall behind.

“Yeah I guess, but I don’t remember meeting him then either.” He replies.


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