Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 169) No Idea

Zsofia’s question about Stephens grandmother’s demise shoots through him like a frozen blade as he suddenly stops walking and repeats the question in his mind two or three times. Did she ask if his grandmother took her own life? He has never heard this before. Did she really kill herself and if so, why? Who does that? He knew she was a complete mystery to him, but never did he expect to find out that her death was self-inflicted.

From the look on Stephen’s face, it is now obvious to Zsofia that he knew nothing of this tragic part of the story. She puts her fingers to her mouth nervously and begins to apologize.

“Oh, I am so sorry, Stephen.” She says softly. “You had no idea, did you?” Her eyes are wide as she fumbles her way through her words wishing now that she had kept her mouth shut.


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