Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 171) Coping Skill

Surprised at Zsofia’s quickness in changing the subject, Stephen now realizes how compassionate and understanding her demeanor is. He feels this is probably partly due to her interactions with her younger brother Tamas, and the challenges he faces every day. It is obvious she takes each moment at face value and does not let things fester or become a bigger problem. She deals with it and lets it go. He admires that coping skill very much for he has never been able to do so himself. He now realizes he is just standing there, quietly looking at her.

“Do you suppose there is a staircase at the end of the hall?” She questions as she lets go of his hand and begins to walk along the corridor once again.

“There was one on the first and second floor, so I would have to assume, yes.” Stephen says as he walks along side her until they come to the end of the hall. “After you.” He says as he stops to hold onto the railing allow her to lead the way.


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