Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 172) Continuous

Without saying a word, Stephen and Zsofia climb the staircase and where the steps end, they find a glass door. Stephen reaches around Zsofia’s waist, bumping his chest up against her back, as he turns the handle on the door. With a dry, sliding sound, it swings open and they step out onto the fourth floor, which looks just as Zsofia stated.

The entire area is an open floor plan with interior walls made of stone, inset with large tall windows that look out at the upper top section of the glass conservatory. The exterior wall is masonry as well with a huge fireplace centered in the middle and two sets of double glass doors, of equal positions, on either side. If the doors were open, it would transform the fourth floor into one large covered porch.

This vast open area causes each spoken word and every footstep to echo as the sounds bounce from the floor, walls, and many full-length windows. Quickly walking to the front of the manor, Zsofia opens one set of double doors and steps out from under the cover onto a wide unprotected section of the rooftop. This area runs the entire length and width of the house acting much like a long continuous balcony.


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