Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 173) Lighter

On each outside corner of the manor, tall turret type towers stand high as if reaching for the clouds. Rock steps lead up to tall thin open windows for an even greater view of the surrounding landscape. Many chimney’s jet up and out in various places along this rooftop area and the center section spanning all sides, wraps around the glass of the huge conservatory as if protecting its delicate contents.

“Wow, this is how I imagined it, come look at the view to the west,” Zsofia says as she hurriedly heads in that direction.

“Wait, not so fast, you need to be careful.” Says Stephen as he follows her out into the sunlight.

The late-morning sun feels warm and inviting to Stephen after hours of being preoccupied within the cold walls of the manor. He feels lighter and happier, which is rather rare for him. Maybe it is due to the sunshine or possibly, because of the company he is keeping at this moment.


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