Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 175) Protective

From the rooftop, the large old trees look dwarfed from where they stand and the rooftops of the town can be seen clearly, yet far off in the distance. To his left he notices what appears to be the chimney of another house that is quite some distance away.

“What is that?” he questions as he points to it.

“The house with the fireplace?” she questions. “That is where Tamas, grandfather, and I live. It’s a nice little hike in the woods.” She smiles up at him. “You’ll have to come by for a visit sometime.

“I doubt I would be a welcomed guest.” Stephen replies as he refers to the reaction from her grandfather earlier in the day.

“Oh, don’t let grandfather fool you. He really is not as gruff as he tries to come across. He is just, protective.” She assures him without elaborating on the fact that he called Stephen crazy. “Come this way, follow me.” She takes his hand and pulls him along as they go to the back and east side of the manor. “Bet you’ve never seen anything like this before.”


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