Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 176) Manicured

Much to Stephen’s surprise, he looks out over a massive area of manicured shrubs, gravel walkways, and stone benches scattered throughout several acres of land. Various nooks with concrete benches create many sitting areas and private lawns. Stone statues and large urns create many interesting focal points that look intricate and detailed even from this distance.

“Wow, who keeps it trimmed up?” he questions as he stands there astonished at the massive amount of work it must require to keep the grounds in such a groomed shape.

“Your great-uncle hired experts for the upkeep; I believe they are here four times a year.” She tips her head to the side. “I’m sure my grandfather knows who they are. On another day, if I am allowed,” she grins up at Stephen, “I’ll show you the trails in the woods.”

“What kind of trails?” he asks.

“Walking trails, you can walk for miles and the paths always lead you back home. It is my understanding they have been there even before your grandparents moved out of the manor into the gatehouse.” She pauses as if reflecting on a past moment. “This is so fun, I have wanted to climb up here my whole life but until now, I’ve never had the chance to do so. I have you to thank for that.” She grins as she watches Stephen turn to face her.


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