Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 184) Nonchalant

“I’m usually at the teahouse for about thirty minutes after we close at five, so if you get bored or want to sit with a friend for dinner, you can always look me up.” Zsofia says quickly as she walks down the hall toward the main entry.

“I may do that, you know, sometime in the future.” Stephen replies as he follows her to the main door, which is still secure and locked from when they entered hours ago.

Pushing the bolt to the side, he swings the door open and without turning around or stopping to say goodbye, Zsofia continues walking and exits the structure. Not until she is several steps away and out from under the shade of the house does she lift her hand and wave.

“See you later!” She says without turning to look at him.

Her nonchalant conduct causes Stephen to grin as he closes the main door and turns to face the room. Slowly his expression grows solemn and he reaches for his pills. Several times, in the last two hours, he wished he could take one but not in front of someone who seems to handle things in a very informed manner.

Mostly though, he does not want Zsofia to think he needs such a vice. She would never understand his dependency and may even consider him weak for it. He pops two pills into his mouth and slowly swallows just before there is a knock at the door.


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