Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 185) I Hide

Turning slowly Stephen steps back, merely staring at the wooden door as if questioning what he heard. Again, there is a knock, it is faint but is clearly coming from someone outside.

“Who is it?” Stephen yells rudely hoping that will deter the person and send them back down the road. He doubts it would be Zsofia, she would knock and yell out to get his attention instead of just standing there, tapping.

“It’s times like this when a peephole would be nice.” He says to himself as he becomes angry for no apparent reason. “I said who is it?” He yells as he flings the door open. Standing just outside the door is Tamas. He is waving slowly and has a gentle smile on his face as he looks at Stephen.

“Tamas,” Stephen says in a calm tone. “Are you looking for Zsofia? She just left. You must have passed her on the path.”

Zsofia left only a minute or so ago and she said it takes twenty to thirty minutes to get to her house or to town. How is it that she did not see her brother? Stephen looks around the door in the direction Zsofia went, but she would already be out of sight and hidden by the line of trees at this point.

“No Zsó. . .fia.” Tamas states slowly. “I hide.” He says and then laughs.

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