Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 187) Next Question

Looking behind him at the second floor landing, there is nothing out of the ordinary. It is empty and undisturbed but when Stephen turns back, Tamas is out in front of the manor looking up at the windows once again. In an attempt to catch sight of what Tamas is seeing, Stephen runs outside and stands next to the young man but does not notice any movement from the windows above. He looks at Tamas who grins and then looks down at the ground as if the game is over.

“When you play, is it with a man or boy?” Stephen asks and Tamas frowns and shakes his head no.

“A woman or girl?” This question receives the same result. He is afraid to frighten Tamas, but he is compelled to ask the next question.

“Does your friend wear shoes? Like you and me?” Stephen taps the bottom of his shoe with his fingers. Tamas frowns and then shakes his head no and bends down to remove his own shoe.

“No, no. It’s okay, leave your shoes on, I understand.” Replies Stephen and Tamas grins happily.

“You are doing great, Tamas.” Stephen states as he pats the young man on the back. “I just have one more question, okay?” He asks.

“Yes,” Tamas replies as he nods his head up and down.

“Does your friend talk?” Stephen waits while Tamas turns his head and seems to be trying to say something. After a few seconds of tipping his head and attempting to speak, Tamas lets out a long wheezing sound that is such a close match to what Stephen has heard that he takes several steps back from Tamas. An uneasy nervousness seems to surround Stephen as he looks back up at the manor, then to his young innocent friend.


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