Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 188) Interacted

To Stephen, the sound and description from Tamas, validates what he himself has seen in the past and what he believes he is currently seeing here at the manor. Tamas has a childlike mind and there is no way he could invent such a horrible thing on his own. It is obvious he has interacted with the creature here and possibly communicated with it as well. But why? What could this evil thing gain from such an innocent soul? For that matter, what does it gain from killing old men?

“I need to get you home, Tamas. Will you show me the way?” He asks politely but feels nervous and worried for not only Tamas and himself, but also for anyone who enters the walls of the manor.

“Yes,” replies Tamas as he claps his hands happily.

After locking the main door, Stephen and Tamas begin walking along the path and about one fourth of the way down from the manor, they veer off to the left on a footpath that leads deep into the woods. The air is cool but comfortable as they slowly stroll thought the thick canopy of trees and delicate underbrush.


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