Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 189) Insults

Stephen is taking it slow and steady for Tamas has a slight limp that keeps him from having a very fast stride. This wooded area blocks the sun to a point that Stephen even begins to wonder if time has escaped him and evening is approaching. There is not much conversation on this stroll except for the occasional tap from Tamas as he points out birds and small woodland animals when they scurry by.

As they near the stone and wood house that Tamas calls home, Stephen discretely takes a pill from his bottle and slips it into his mouth, undetected of course by his young friend. He is expecting an encounter with the old man and from what transpired earlier in the day, he worries it will be another bout of name-calling and insults.

As if on cue, Laszlo Eszes comes marching out of his home to meet them in the yard and Stephen is mentally preparing himself for an argument. The look on the old man’s face is of stress and worry.


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