Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 190) Wandering

“Thank god!” Says the elderly man as he takes Tamas in his arms and hugs him in a loving way.

He then speaks to Tamas in their native Hungarian tongue, kisses the young man on the cheek and calmly sends him to the house. Now the old man turns his attention to Stephen.

“He went up there again, didn’t he?” Laszlo questions, as he looks Stephen in the eye.

“Yes, but. . .” Stephen starts to take up for Tamas.

“There is no need to defend him. He knows what he is doing.” States Laszlo as he looks down at the ground. “I’m worried about him; he just started this. . . wandering business. He never used to go up there, not until. . .” His voice trails off as he rubs the back of his neck with his hand.

“Until what?” Stephen asks a bit shocked that they are actually able to carry on a conversation.

After what happened earlier in the morning, with himself in a panic as he ran out of the manor nearly knocking the poor man down, Stephen is surprised Laszlo is allowing him to step foot on the property. The name-calling that followed Stephen’s escape truly upset him and he was just now expecting more of the same from this elderly yet strong man. Thankfully, to immediately order him off his property does not seem to be the case. Laszlo actually acts as if he has something to say.


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