Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 194) Impressions

All of Stephen’s thoughts are buzzing in his head in random order and without conclusion as he follows the dirt path that winds its way back through the dense woods. He is thinking of his past, of his family, the dreams he had and then smothered, and of the future he hopes one day to have.

“What could have made those footprints in the house?” He mumbles to himself as he notices animal tracks along his walk. “Did some wild animal get in the house? It’s a possibility.”

He says this to himself as he looks down trying to find a match to what he saw. Unfortunately, none of the impressions in the dirt and mud appear to be anything like what he witnessed on the dusty floor of the manor. Then there is the strange behavior of Tamas and the game he says he was playing. This in itself Stephen finds to be very puzzling and he cringes when thinking of Tamas pointing up at the second floor as if his playmate was standing there.


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