Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 200) Thin Fiend

In Stephen’s disturbing dream, he looks back at the railing and realizes the thin fiend has moved closer and is oddly sitting, in a bent and crooked manner, atop the back of a tall plush chair. It is the size of a small man or child and is the most hideous creature Stephen has ever laid eyes on. It sneers and leans back and forth in a strange way as if its arms and legs are detached, yet somehow connected. With its focus on Stephen, it hisses in a long, crackly, and drawn out manner.

“I see you, Issstvaaan,” it says using the Hungarian version of his name.

It blinks its coal black, yet childlike eyes, as it seems to giggle at him. Now opening those devilish eyes wide, it continues to look at Stephen as if it finds him interesting or as if it is waiting to feel his fear. Watching and waiting there are no sounds to this dream as all the background noise ceases to be. Now this crumpled creature shows a sickening smirk of sharp yellow decayed teeth as if it finally got its wish. Without any warning or motion, it quickly lunges for Stephen!



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