Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 201) The Pain

Jumping up from the chair he fell asleep in, Stephen knocks the small trunk of pictures over scattering photographs and letters all around him on the floor and nearby end table. He has awakened in a panic from this appalling nightmare and it takes him nearly a full minute to realize he is actually physically fine and alone in the room. His hair is wet from sweat and his body feels cold and ridged as he looks at his surroundings with wild eyes.

The floor is a mess with photographs and paper strewn all around. Shaking, almost uncontrollably, Stephen pulls his bottle of pills out of his pocket, drops three into the palm of his hand, and throws his head back as he swallows them. He sets the bottle next to the small trunk as he bends down slowly and gathers the items, one at a time, placing them back in the trunk but not in the same order as they were before. The last item he picks up is a note, addressed to My Love. It is from his grandmother and the first line states she is sorry for all the pain she has caused.


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