Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 202) This Note

The more he skims the letter recognizing several words, the more Stephen realizes this is his grandmother’s suicide note or the beginnings of her spiral down in despair. She writes of love and happy times then begins to share hateful and fearful comments that only a depressed and somewhat angry person would dare put in writing for all to see. She is not specific to whom or what she is speaking about but he believes the very last line says, “Please know I always loved you.”

“But grandfather was already gone, he had already passed away.” Stephen says to himself. “She must have been so distraught over losing him that she felt compelled to take her own life and leave this note. But it’s odd that it would be addressing a dead man.”

He shakes his head as he folds the paper, on every crease and every line, exactly as he found it. Looking around one last time for any stray items, he places the letter on the top of the stack of photos and notes, and then gently closes the lid of the trunk. Turning toward the fireplace, he carries the boxy chest as he walks over and sets it on the left corner of the hearth. Stepping back to see how it looks, he smiles.

“Looks good,” he says to himself with a boyish grin as he admires his handy work.


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