Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 203) I’m Not

Slowly turning in the direction of the hallway, Stephen nervously runs his hand through his hair.

“Nah, I’m not staying here tonight.” Without hesitating one bit, he turns and walks back into the kitchen, which is extremely dark now that the sun has set. Looking out the window, he realizes he left all the lights on in the manor, for several of the windows are glowing brightly as are the lights hanging over the front entrance. It is actually quite an interesting sight to see. It looks awake and vibrant as if happily occupied, however he knows better.

“Wow, I wonder how many years it’s been since it has actually been lit up at night.” He says as he grabs two bottles of water off the counter and looks behind him at the dim lights of the sitting room. “I don’t need any more nightmares, so I might as well make myself useful.”

He stuffs an apple into his pocket, double checks that his flashlight is still working, and goes out the door to the long path that leads up the hill. Now that it is dark, he finds himself full of anticipation as he walks the twisting turning trail passing clumps of trees that periodically hide his destination from view.


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