Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 206) Lived In

“Wow, those smell great.” Stephen says about the baked goods as he looks up again to make sure he does not stray off the stone walkway.

“Well I should hope so,” Zsofia grins, “they are the best around for miles.” She states in a matter of fact way.

“Oh really? They are huh?” he jokes.

“Just look at that,” she exclaims as she looks up at the massive structure as it glows from inside. “The manor looks grand all lit up like that.”

She is right. Even though not every room is shining bright the place does have a very romantic and elegant aura to it. Glowing splashes of light from the windows reflect off the grass and surrounding shrubbery much like a spotlight to a person on stage.

“It is amazing how a little bit of light makes it look lived in.” Stephen says, agreeing with Zsofia’s statement as they continue to walk side by side.


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