Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 207) Brave

“I do not believe I’ve ever been here when the lights were on. I guess since no one lived in the manor there was no reason for it.” She continues. “Even with the recent renovations to the wiring, I do not recall ever seeing anyone up here at night.”

“So you would come here at night?” Stephen questions as he watches her closely, thinking he will catch her in a lie.

“No,” she laughs, “but if the lights were on I would have noticed it from my house.” She points in the direction of the woods and even though they are faint, Stephen can see the lights of her house off in the distance. “You were thinking I was sneaking around up here at night, weren’t you?” She asks as she turns to face him. She places her free hand on her hip, which causes Stephen to stop moving forward.

“Well, that is how it sounded.” He confesses as he avoids looking at her, for he knows if he does, he will break into a smile.

“I can assure you, I’m not that brave.” She grins as Stephen steps around her to continue up the path.

“Ah, okay,” Stephen smiles for he cannot help but laugh at her honesty and the somewhat sarcastic manner she uses often.


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