Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 208) Alone Or Not

Together, Stephen and Zsofia approach the covered entrance and once at the door, Stephen turns the key in the lock. Pushing the door open wide, he steps back, allowing Zsofia to enter. Following close behind, he gently pushes the door shut then turns to look in the direction of the staircase wondering if they are alone or not. The images from his nightmare seep into his thoughts even though he is trying very hard to dismiss it completely.

“Stephen!” Zsofia says as if annoyed, he turns to look at her with a vague expression. “Did you not hear me?” she queries as she smiles at him with a questioning look. “I think I said your name about five times, you sure you shouldn’t just call it a day and go to bed?” She grins as she backs up to the wooden doors that lead to the dining room.

With her hips, she slides one of the doors into the inset crevasse of the wall exposing the large room to the light from the entryway. She then steps out of view from Stephen as she walks into the darkness and turns the light switch on. The room is now aglow and beautifully bright as Zsofia walks back to the table pulling the checkered cloth off the basket.


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