Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 210) Recipes

“You saved the day.” Zsofia grins as she takes one of the bottles of water from Stephen as they both sit down. “Okay, these two are sour cream rolls and the yellow ones are lemon cheesecake buns, of which both happen to be my favorites.” She winks as she continues pointing out the differences. “The long ones are beer breadsticks, and then we have two blueberry and two strawberry muffins, and finally a small loaf of banana nut bread.”

“Sounds great, but we don’t plan on eating them all in one setting, do we?” Stephen questions knowing the answer is no, but he wants to tease her a bit.

“You know,” replies Zsofia very seriously, “we probably could, but I would be as big as this house if we over indulge and you wouldn’t be able to roll me out of here.”

They both laugh at this statement and then together reach for the lemon cheesecake buns and this starts another round of laughter between them. As they begin to nibble on the sweet food, Zsofia guides the conversation as she explains the process of starting her own business and the origin of her wonderful treats. Stephen finds it interesting that she has used many of his grandmother’s recipes for the starting point of some of her prize creations.


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