Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 215) Something

“If you don’t want to talk about it, that is okay. Unfortunately, I have not yet heard about what exactly happened to him. After the funeral, everyone was whispering about what a blessing it was that he finally passed away. So at first I thought he had some long drawn out illness or was such a horrible man they couldn’t wait until he died.” Stephen hopes his words do not offend her. “So when I heard he had a heart attack, I just assumed they were glad he was gone.”

“Oh that’s horrible but true.” She says. “I mean. . .” she pauses as if the words are difficult to say and Stephen does not interrupt the silence. “He was tormented, that is the only way to describe it.” She leans in looking Stephen in the eyes.

“By someone?” He asks.

“Or something.” She replies without losing her focus.

Stephen finds this to be an odd statement. What could she mean by “something?” He begins to wonder if Zsofia knows more about his great-uncles death than she leads on. Not in a malicious way but perhaps she too has witnessed strange happening’s here at the manor.


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