Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 218) Comfort

Stephen is not used to being around someone with a warm persona. His now ex-girlfriend Kate has a harsh, cold, and abrupt personality and would rather demean you than adore you. That type of relationship is all he has known for five years and as awkward as it feels to him, he is truly concerned about Zsofia. Something inside is pushing him to reach out and comfort her.

Turning and looking up at Stephen, tears form in her eyes and she wraps her arms around him resting her head on his chest. Slowly, he reaches up to hold her and they stand there in a gentle embrace. For several minutes, neither utters a word in the silence of the large dining room and to his surprise, this moment is not at all awkward.

“I’m sorry, Stephen, you have better things to do.” Zsofia says as she begins to pull away but Stephen continues to hold her as if sensing she needs this closeness and she relaxes in his arms.

“You have no reason to be sorry.” He replies. “I’m glad the man had a family like yours to confide in and spend time with. I just wonder what was really going on with him though.”

“I don’t think we will ever know.” She says as she looks up then smiles in a shy way as they release each other.


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