Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 219) Bonding

The simple exchange of words between Stephen and Zsofia have brought them closer together, as if bonding two minds and hearts into a secure collaboration. Her tranquil manner is soothing to him and it takes away the nervousness and difficulty he normally has when dealing with people.

In most cases, Stephen’s interactions with others become awkward displays of quietness and insecurity, but with Zsofia, his worries are simply frivolous to him. He feels as if they could sit here at the table and talk for days. Even those silent pauses that find their way into most conversations offer a type of comfort to him.

Because of Zsofia’s connection with Stephen’s family, she has grown up with constant updates about him. It does bother her, just a little bit, that Stephen does not recall meeting her all those years ago. However, she realizes they were merely kids, and witnessing his grandfather’s death had to be very traumatizing, so she understands why he has a lapse in memory.


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