Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 220) Full Day

If the circumstances were the reverse and she was the one who lost her grandfather in such a dramatic manner, Zsofia is positive her life would be forever altered in the worst possible way. It was not until she was older that her grandfather explained how horrible it was to watch his best friend die. He said the terror in his friend’s eyes is something he will never be able to erase.

“So, are you staying here, in the manor or the house tonight?” Zsofia questions as she leaves the basket of baked goods on the table and walks toward the door that leads to the entry hall.

“I napped earlier and feel like I need to expend my energy here, uncovering furniture and getting the place organized.” He replies as he follows along behind her. “You can stay and help if you like.” He grins.

“Oh no, I’ve already put in a full day.” She laughs. “Just remember, if you need anything, take the path that leads into the woods. It will bring you right to my door.” She smiles.

“Yes, I know, but it’s quite a walk.” He responds but the reaction from Zsofia is not what he expected.

“How would you know that?” she laughs in a questioning way.


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