Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 222) Roots

Without saying another word, Zsofia opens the door exposing the brightness of the large outdoor lights hanging over the entrance. Glancing back at Stephen, she grins and waves as she pulls the door shut, leaving him alone in the manor. Standing still, in the spot where she left him, it takes Stephen a few minutes to realize he is smiling.

“Thank you, Zsofia.” He whispers as he runs his hands through his dark hair while grinning ear to ear.

He knows she could not have heard his words and he did not intend for her to. She has helped him realize there are good people in this world and he looks forward to more conversations with her in the future. Tonight, it was interesting to hear more about his great-uncles last days, not because he enjoys hearing painful stories, but because it has helped him understand the man a little better. In an odd way, with Zsofia’s help, he feels more connected to his family roots than he ever has before.


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