Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 223) Obstacle

Leaving the basket of baked goods where they are, Stephen walks through the dining room and opens the small door that connects to the kitchen. It is obvious the kitchen is on Zsofia’s cleaning list, for it is spotless and well-organized. He feels very confident that all he needs to do is move his supply of food from the gatehouse to the manor and he will be able to settle in.

Although he has been here a couple of days, he still cannot get past the dread he has for the smaller house. Even though the manor seems like more of an obstacle than a home, he feels more comfortable inside its masonry walls than in the house of his childhood fears.

He has been thinking about his day of discovery as he roamed the floors and wings of the manor and has decided that an animal must have found its way inside. This would explain the strange tracks on the dusty floor. The same woodland creature was probably responsible for the curtains moving in the second story window as well as the breathing sounds he heard.


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