Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 226) Agitated

Stephen lets the kitchen door swing shut with a loud bang, as he steps inside and turns on the light. Immediately, he searches the table and countertops for his medicine bottle. Sweat begins to build on his brow as he glances around wildly getting more and more agitated the longer he looks.

“Where the hell are they?” He says loudly as he steps into the sitting room.

On the table, near the lamp and chair, is the bottle. He now remembers setting it there when he began to rummage through the trunk of pictures and letters. Quickly he opens the lid pouring out its contents of forty-five pills. He takes two and tumbles the rest back into the bottle securing it in his pocket before walking into the kitchen.

Stephen has been on anxiety medication since the age of nine and as he grew, so did the need. Only once before has he been without the pills on his person. It was the day of his parent’s accident when he came to the hospital to identify their lifeless bodies as they lay in the morgue. He lashed out at hospital personnel for he did not want to leave them there in the coldness of the silver toned room.


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