Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 229) Warning

With his load of supplies and personal necessities, Stephen slowly begins the twisting turning and very dark walk up the hill to the manor. His thoughts go to Zsofia and her ability to brighten each encounter they have had together, but then he thinks of her walking the trails alone at night. He is not so sure that he himself would feel safe navigating through the woods where even in the daylight hours, it is shadowy and mysterious.

“I should have walked her home.” He says under his breath.

The wheels of the cart he is pulling squeak with every other step that he takes. In an odd way, it sets a suspenseful mood in contrast to the eerily quiet night. It bothers Stephen to the point that he feels it is giving him away to unseen eyes. His need to stay hidden and secretive seems threatened by the unnatural sound of metal scraping and squealing like a siren of warning.


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