Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 230) Outrageous

As Stephen approaches the manor, he looks up at the few lights that are on in the upper floors. The thought of having to wander the halls in order to turn them off does not settle well with him so a debate ensues in his head about what to do. Even though he knows he placed his pill bottle in his pocket, he taps his jacket to make sure. The rattling sound of its contents is soothing to him as he reaches for the door handle. Holding firmly to the knob, he presses on the door, which with all the recent activity, now opens easily.

With one final shrieking sound that echoes throughout the large open entry hall like a scream, he pulls the dolly of supplies inside. Dropping the duffel bags from his shoulder to the floor, he looks up at the staircase. The thought of having to travel throughout the structure at this time of night is outrageous to him and he decides right there, with the door still open, that he will simply let the lights burn.


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