Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 232) Ambiance

Squatting down next to his bags, Stephen unzips the largest one and lifts the old clock up to eye level. The face is dusty as is the complex detail of the carved wood casing. He blows several puffs of breath at it causing dust to fly into the air. Standing up and without moving his head, he looks with his peripheral vision at the two sets of stairs that lead to the second floor. In some way, he feels that if something is there, watching, it will not know if he is looking.

Slowly he turns, hoping with all his might that no one and nothing is there, and he is correct. This lower floor of the manor appears to be quiet and exempt of any other dwellers. The only sounds he hears are of his own rapid breathing and the perfectly timed ticking of the mantel clock he is clutching in his hands.

“Where do you need to go?” he questions aloud as he looks around the large entry hall. “Ah ha, the sitting room.” He says as he walks toward the large double sliding doors opposite the dining room.

Pushing one of the doors into its recessed place in the wall, he enters the large sitting room, which is the very first room he investigated upon his arrival days ago. He pushes the switch on the wall and lamps on either side of the fireplace, as well as several along the walls, light up giving the room a soft and natural ambiance.



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