Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 241) Interactions

“Are you in need of my assistance with Tamas?” Stephen asks and there is a slight pause to their conversation before Laszlo speaks again.

“Yes, I am. I cannot take him with me and with his disabilities,” Laszlo pauses again as he looks at his grandson.

“He can stay with me, sure.” Stephen states as he blurts out his reply without giving it a second thought.

“He can? Thank you.” Replies Laszlo a bit surprised as he grabs Stephen’s hand and begins shaking it up and down in a rapid fashion.

All of Stephen’s interactions with Tamas thus far have been positive. He seems to be a very smart young man with his own way of communicating in which Stephen finds to be easily understandable. That is his perception of him anyway.

“I cannot thank you enough.” States Laszlo earnestly, he then turns to his grandson and explains the plan for the day.

With a wide smile and a high pitch laugh, Tamas looks at Stephen as he walks toward him. The size of his nineteen-year-old frame is only slightly smaller than that of other individuals of his same age. With the height of a man but the mind of a child, he sometimes does not know his own strength. Reaching out he hugs Stephen tightly for a short moment then steps back and laughs again.


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