Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 243) Relationship

Stephen is not clear on the relationship between Tamas and his grandfather. The way Laszlo is holding his grandson’s arm seems a bit harsh but as the interaction continues, the elderly man pulls Tamas to him and the two embrace in a strong hug. Tamas smiles wide as Laszlo kisses him on the cheek and says I love you. The young man then buries his head in his grandfather’s chest and repeats the phrase in a muffled voice.

This touching moment causes a lump to form in Stephen’s throat as he thinks of his parents and grandparents. Even though Laszlo seems harsh and stern at times, it is obvious he is truly a loving man with compassion for his family. During the short span that Stephen has been here and the many occasions Tamas has ended up at the manor, he is sure that raising him has been and can be trying at times.

“Mr. Eszes, I assure you he will be fine and I am more than happy to help.” Stephen states as he pats the elderly man on the shoulder.

“Here, I packed enough food for lunch and snacks for both of you.” Laszlo hands Stephen a soft square cooler satchel that he was carrying across his left shoulder. “Zsofia will be by after work to take him home before nightfall.” He smiles, “If you’re lucky she will bring something from the shop to eat.”


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