Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 244) My Word

Stephen grins at the thought of seeing Zsofia again when she stops by to take Tamas home at the end of the day. He enjoys her company and believes she feels the same about him. As for sampling some of the treats she makes, little does her grandfather realize, he has a basket full of them on the table.

“I ahh. . . I’m sorry that I keep calling you Istvan.” Laszlo’s tone is calm. “Your grandparents always referred to you as such, and I’m not good with the American version.” He says as if he is apologizing for doing something horrible.

“It is alright Mr. Eszes.” Stephen says but before he can continue with his statement, Laszlo interrupts him.

“Please, call me Laszlo, there is no need to be so formal.” He laughs as he pats Stephen on the arm much like an old friend would do, but then he grows very serious as he glances in, once again, at the entry of the manor. “Please promise me you will not let him wander off through the manor alone. In the past I allowed Zsofia to work here but only in specific areas and I would like to have your word that Tamas will not be left alone.”

“Yes, you have my word.” Stephen replies as he thinks about the statement that was just made.


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