Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 246) Childlike

With a quiet laugh, Tamas turns and walks over to where Stephen is sitting. He recognizes Zsofia’s basket and begins to clap his hands with delight.

“That is exactly how I feel about digging into the basket.” Stephen laughs as he flips the red and white cloth back exposing the muffins and breads within.

“Banana,” Tamas says as he gently reaches in picking up a small loaf of banana bread.

“Oh yes, that looks like a good one, let’s see what should I have.” Stephen mumbles as he lifts and tips the cakes around for a better view. “I’m going to go with blueberry.”

Several minutes pass as they eat their way through the first item picked. Due to the rich flavor, Stephen moans with the first bite and Tamas finds this to be very funny, which in turn causes them both to laugh.

“So what should we do today?” Stephen asks of Tamas as they both grab a second baked good.

The young man looks at him and shrugs his shoulders as he chews his food and gazes up at the beautiful ceiling. Stephen watches him and wonders what he is thinking of. His childlike wide eyes are taking in all the beauty of the expressive details as he slowly follows the straight line of the trim that edges the walls of the room.


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