Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 248) Admiration

“Are you laughing at me?” Stephen asks as he stands up playing at being upset with Tamas.

This makes Tamas laugh again and he places his hand on his forehead then shakes his head back and forth while he giggles. Stopping short of going into a full bout of laughter, he looks back up at the tall windows where the dim colors of morning are starting to drift in.

“You like that light coming in the windows, don’t you.” Stephen says as he too looks at the windows but Tamas shakes his head no, as if Stephen is being silly. “Oh okay, so now you’re just really laughing at me, is that it?” He teases as he walks over and sets down on the couch across from where Tamas is playing.

Watching this gentle young man, who is only two years younger than his own age, Stephen realizes he has great admiration for Tamas and his good humor. He is a person with many odds against him, yet he is always pleasant and playful. What must it be like, to spend each day without pressing worries and stress weighing down and smothering the act of living until it becomes too much to bear.


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