Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 249) Walk Upstairs

Stephen does not recall a single time in his life that he was not under pressure or tension or afraid and nervous. Even with his challenges, Tamas never seems to let things get to him. Is it his mindset that he does not comprehend bad or sad moments? Does he not realize how frightening life can be?

“Walk?” Tamas says as he stands up and points out to the entry hall.

“You want to go for a walk?” Stephen asks as he too stands up.

“Yes. . . up?” Tamas replies as he claps his hands and squeals with glee.

“Upstairs? You want to walk upstairs?” Stephen questions as he and Tamas walk out into the entry hall together.

Tamas grins and nods his head as he looks up at the large round window that immediately becomes the center of attention as soon as anyone enters the hall. It is very impressive as it sits over the room between the two large staircases like an eye to the heavens. However, Stephen knows it actually looks out at the massive conservatory that is secretly encased behind the masonry walls of the manor.


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