Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 250) Prism

As Tamas glances around, his demeanor calms and he gazes at the glass as thin beams of light begin to shine in. Laughing aloud and jumping as he claps, the excitement he brings to such a simple thing makes Stephen feel happy and he too finds himself smiling. It is a very simple thing, light streaking across a room in a prism of color, as if cutting through the world. Stephen has seen this affect a million times in many different ways in his lifetime, but today it is different. Today it seems fresh even to him.

“You want to go up to look out the window?” Stephen questions as he helps his young friend over to the staircase.

Tamas places his hand on the stair railing but stops to hand his metal truck to Stephen who quickly places it in the pocket of his jacket for safekeeping. Watching Tamas closely and making sure his footing is solid, Stephen helps him get to the top of the staircase without incident. As soon as they reach the landing, Tamas reaches out and touches the multicolored segments of glass as if this was his lifelong dream. With a wide smile, he looks out through a tiny clear piece at the lush green plants and sparkling water of the conservatory. He then turns and looks at Stephen.

“Thank. . . you.” He says slowly and in a deliberate manner as to not make a mistake.

“You are very welcome, Tamas.” Stephen smiles as he catches himself choking up at how much this moment has affected him.

Pointing down the hallway, Tamas grows quiet as he stares at Stephen as if trying to tell him something. He is not speaking any words as he begins to walk in the direction of the south wing.

“You want to investigate don’t you?” Stephen asks as he turns around and walks with him down the hall.


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