Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 251) Too Much

Together, Stephen and Tamas make their way along the second floor until they reach the back most eastern part of the manor. Stepping out onto the open and airy east wing, they look out over the gardens Zsofia had pointed out the day before from the fourth floor. The morning light has created shadowed voids that appear as black holes instead of the evergreens that they truly are.

Tamas seems tired as his breathing is heavier than before and he looks a little pale. Beginning to worry that he may have allowed him to do too much walking and exploring for his own good, Stephen wonders about getting back to the opposite side of the dwelling.

Stephen decides to have him sit on one of the old iron chairs that he found stacked up in one corner. It appears as if it has been there for several years but after clearing off the dust and debris, it does not look bad at all. Together they stare out at the large lawn below them in silence. Morning birds are singing and fluttering by the open room and much to the delight of Tamas, a few are daring enough to fly inside looking for food.

“Are you feeling better now, Tamas?” Stephen questions as watches his friend smile and laugh at the little feathered visitors.


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    • Thank you and it is nice to meet you as well. 🙂

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