Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 255) Sprinting

Unable to stop himself, Stephen turns and looks behind them at the empty hall but that does not convince him that they are alone. No, he is sure there is something else here standing just inside the nearby shadows. Rounding the corner and practically sprinting as he pushes Tamas, Stephen sees the large round window and staircases ahead. As they approach the top of the stairs, he hears knocking coming from the entry hall as if someone is at the door.

“I’m coming!” Stephen yells as he helps Tamas out of the chair and to his feet.

The knocking at the main door of the manor has stopped as Stephen helps Tamas, and both men slowly make their way down the stairs. With his young friend beside him, Stephen pushes the bolt back sliding it into the unlocked position and swings the door open. Greeting them with a wide grin is Zsofia.


Copyright © 2014 All rights reserved.
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