Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 257) Touches

Stephen enjoys watching this interaction between siblings and it makes him feel good that Tamas has such a loving family tending to him. He himself feels responsible for the treatment of this young man for he understands, but only to a small degree, how difficult it can be to communicate with others.

Even now, with the small moments he and Zsofia have spent together, Stephen still finds it difficult to relax completely around her. It is not that she makes him nervous or feel the slightest bit tense. No, his fear is of messing things up and complicating their new friendship. He actually enjoys her company and it is hard for him to recall ever feeling that way about anyone, not even his ex-girlfriend.

“You are in deep thought again, aren’t you?” Zsofia questions as she touches Stephen’s forearm.

“What?” Stephen asks as he eases his mind out of its wanderings. “Yeah, I guess I was.”


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