Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 258) Tired

“Struuudel.” Tamas states softly causing Stephen to laugh.

“You have the right idea Tamas.” Stephen says as he gently closes the door.

Together, the trio make their way to the dining room and while Zsofia pulls the tasty looking food items from her basket, Stephen is making sure Tamas is safely seated and pushed up to the table. When he looks up, Zsofia is smiling at him, which in turn makes him grin as well. At that moment, they seem to have come to a common realization of mutual admiration.

After a hearty lunch that consisted of mushroom soup, bread and of course strudel for dessert, it is obvious the day has been very tiring for Tamas. His eyelids are droopy and he does not seem to be able to finish his dessert, which according to Zsofia is a first.

“Oh Tamas, you look so very tired.” Zsofia says as she gets up from the table and wipes his mouth. “We should probably go.” She says but Tamas shakes his head no and looks over at Stephen. “He’s been busy today and that can wear him out, I think a nap would do him good.”

“Do you want to nap here, Tamas? You can sleep on the sofa if you like.” Stephen offers and Tamas eagerly nods his head yes.


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